Carletta Sue Kay and Pruno Truman

SF’s own Carletta Sue Kay, who surely needs no introduction here on The Bay Bridged, teamed up with Pruno Truman, a.k.a. Heidi Alexander of The Sandwitches, for a “collaborative EP” out now on London-based Weird World Record Co.

Titled “Sleeping With The TV On / No No”, the EP features four songs: Carletta Sue Kay covers a Sandwitches song written by Alexander (“No No”), Truman/Alexander covers the Kay-penned track “Sleeping With The TV On”, and they both contributed one more track of their own, as well.

Check out Pruno Truman’s gorgeously horn-laced, shuffling take on “Sleeping With The TV On”:

The EP is available in both 10-inch vinyl and digital formats right here.