Ty Segall - Sleeper

Yes, it’s that time again. The one that comes not once, sometimes twice, and often three times a year: Ty Segall is releasing a new record

Of course the succession of Segall’s freakishly rapid fire releases can be tracked under many names (Fuzz, Ty Segall Band) but Sleeper, due out on August 20th, 2013 via Drag City, takes us back to his solo roots. The album is Segall’s most recent solo effort since last year’s Twins.

With such little time in between Segall’s array of projects and releases, one might wonder if his albums are beginning to blend together, one in the same. Fear not, his characteristic “Ty-fi” psychedelic style holds strong, as each album’s progression touches (if not ever so slightly) on another side of Segall’s mind. Sleeper is branded as the one that says ‘“Let Your Hair Grow! Be What You Be!”’

Meanwhile, as the launch date approaches, Segall returns from Paris’s City Sounds Festival to embark on a west coast tour, including a stop at FYF Fest in Los Angeles in August and back in the artist’s stomping grounds at the Great American Music Hall on September 2nd where he will perform Sleeper in its entirety.

The unsurprisingly psychedelic album art and the record’s ten song track list has already been revealed, as well as a promo commercial with a short clip of what is assumed to be the opening title track, “Sleeper”. Check it out below, and pre-order the album on Drag City.

Ty Segall, Mike Donovan
Great American Music Hall
September 2nd, 2013
8pm, $18-$20