Avalon Emerson (Astra Takes Photos)

San Francisco-based electronic musician Avalon Emerson has produced a cybernetic edit of Blue Hawaii’s “The Other Day”, which we are stoked to premiere right here on The Bay Bridged today:

The original track closes out Canadian duo Blue Hawaii’s Untogether, one of my favorite electronic albums from earlier this year. While the original is a tranquil and introspective choral dreamscape, Avalon Emerson’s edit injects the track with a pulsing dance rhythm and vocal samples such as “This is Chief Inspector Clouseau speaking” and “Gimme a beat.” The result is a hypnotically danceable testament to late summer nights.

Ms. Emerson explains her inspiration for the edit: “My intention was to participate in the greater history of producers retooling pop melodies with late-night warehouse rhythms, creating a new dancefloor statement.”

Avalon Emerson has been self-releasing electronic music for the past year or so, and is planning to release her debut 12-inch vinyl record on Icee Hot later this year. While we’re anxiously waiting to get our hands on it, check out some of her earlier tracks below.