It’s quite appropriate that John Vanderslice‘s new video for “How the West Was Won” happens to feature Tiny Telephone, and that we’re featuring it now, seeing as we just wrapped up Phono del Sol 2013 – a festival located right next to Tiny Telephone, and an event that originally developed out of a collaboration with JV and his local studio.

As JV himself says about the video:

I wanted to make a performance video that was more like a documentary of recording at Tiny Telephone. Jake kept everything naturalistic and loose. I love the musicians and engineers who work at the studio and just wanted show them at work, doing the heavy lifting on records, obsessing about their craft, eating delicious tacos, and having a blast doing it.

“How the West Was Won” comes from JV’s 2013 album, Dagger Beach, which you can purchase via the John Vanderslice store.