Mars Today

Producer, singer, and band leader Mars Today released a new single last week on Urb, “The ‘F’ in Sexy”, which you can also stream or download below. We’ve previously mentioned Mars for his solid work producing the track and directing the video for “Art Goons” from sayknowledge and “The ‘F’ in Sexy” shows he isn’t limited to work behind the scenes. This Friday at the Elbo Room, Mars Today will joined by a live band (complete with a horns section) to perform some of his solo work in addition to featuring several Bay Area artists Mars has produced and worked with in the past. For a taste of what to expect, check out the video of Mars Today and his band performing “Casual Attire” with Oakland MC Do D.A.T., who will be part of the show Friday. Mars tells me a major reason for the show is to showcase a variety of Bay Area artists, and he actually introduced me to several of the artists when he told me about the show. You should get to know them, as well – he has definitely assembled a fine collection of local talent. Complete show details are below the video for “Casual Attire”.

Mars Today featuring Do-Dat, Ryan Nicole, Cait La Dee, Rocky Ramirez, and Alex Lee (of Le Vice), Dynamic (album release), sayknowledge
Elbo Room
July 19, 2013
10pm, $10