James the Giant

If there’s one characteristic that divides good folk music from cheesy, hokey folk, it’s the songwriter’s openness to delivering songs that sound simple and honest. James The Giant certainly falls in the category of the former, fearless in giving his music the strength of basic, raw folk.

The album’s concept cuts to a story that is raw as any folk standard. “Two Weeks on the Ocean”, the first single off James The Giant’s self titled EP, delivers the true story of the singer/songwriter’s loss of his little brother to the war in Afghanistan in 2009. The song paints a picture of death and time, with only stripped down acoustic guitar and James’ vocals. Other tracks on the five-song EP are less simple, implementing piano, drums, electric guitar and even some gospel acknowledging synthy-organ sounds.

The whole album was recorded at John Vanderslice’s local legendary Tiny Telephone Studios, over the course of four quick days, on all analog tape. Stream the whole album for free below, before it’s released on Tuesday, July 23rd.

Furthermore, James The Giant participates in an app on Facebook that lets fans book the band for house shows, at no minimum cost – and that’s a pretty cool way to spread the word.