Marnie Stern - photo by Michael Benabib

The most striking thing about the compliments frequently offered about Marnie Stern‘s guitar prowess is that they aren’t accompanied by the usual caveats about the often-limited songwriting abilities of master technicians. Indeed, this year’s The Chronicles of Marnia, which you can stream below in full, collects dynamic, engaging songs that are served, not hindered, by Stern’s awesome playing.

In addition to her great music, the two videos included here showcase Stern’s sense of humor. In the one above, she performs for a group of dogs, so expect noses at the camera lens and other adorableness. After the jump, you can watch Weird Vibes‘ “I am Marnie Stern,” which follows the artist as she navigates the chaos of South by Southwest.

Speaking of festivals, how awesome is it that Marnie Stern is going to be at Phono del Sol this weekend? Get your tickets now!