Kathryn Anne Davis

San Francisco’s Kathryn Anne Davis, who was once in local garage band Honey, is set to release a 12-inch single “Makeup and Gum” on July 10 at The Hotel Utah. The single will be released on Pretty Penny Records, and the title track and and b-side “Garden Square” are currently available for streaming on Davis’ Bandcamp page. On both songs, the strong voice of Davis paired with a steady beat and piano-led instrumentation almost make me think I’m listening to a lost track from Rickie Lee Jones or Carole King. Davis tells me the single is straight tape-to-lathe 180 gram vinyl, and that she plans to record additional material on her completely analog setup with her new band later this year. “Makeup and Gum” along with show details are below.

Kathryn Anne Davis, Magic Magic Roses, Andrew Berg
Hotel Utah
July 10, 2013
8pm, $5