San Francisco-via-Tallahassee musician Aloonaluna (the solo project of Lynn Fister) has contributed three tracks to a split cassette with acclaimed ambient drone-pop musician Motion Sickness of Time Travel (the solo project of Rachel Evans), out now on Constellation Tatsu.

The split is available for download on Bandcamp, and you can stream the release in its entirety below. On the Aloonaluna centerpiece “Stutter-Sleep Dance”, Fister deconstructs an unusual dance rhythm into a spacey lullaby, with her ghostly vocals stuttering softly through the song’s climax where she sings, “get your hands in the air, and your ass on the ground.”

Motion Sickness of Time Travel contributed a gorgeous three-part suite called “Drawing down the moon / Song of Zenana / Aspecting”. Equally dizzying and soothing, listening to this split will likely lull you into a therapeutic trance that’s ideal for hazy mornings.

You can purchase the cassette as part of the Summer Adventure Package Part 1 package on Constellation Tatsu’s website.