octopus literary salon

The Octopus Literary Salon will be the next big thing in Oakland. Bookstore, cafe (yes, there will be good food, beer and wine), music space, sure, but The Octopus will be so much more. There will be storytelling, literary trivia, readings, book club, ping-pong, children’s programming and an open mic as well. Mastermind Rebecca Grove will make it happen with your help! If you like books, music, and talking to live humans about books and music, please donate now on the IndieGoGo site. T’will be your home away from home.

There are some great perks with donation! Help make this revolutionary new social space a reality.

Still not convinced? Mark your calendar for a sneak preview on Friday, July 12th at 817 East 24th Street in Oakland for an evening of “Songs and Storytelling of the Sea.” There will be music from Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), Will Sprott (The Mumlers), Yea-Ming (Dreamdate), John Morgan (John Brothers Piano Company), Bernie Jungle & Allan Moon, plus Ian Patton & Lauren Hoernig from The New Thoreaus. There will be storytelling, open mic and comedy from Jason Smith. Don’t miss it! 7pm, $20.