Adam Healton - photo by Aimee Belden
Photo: Aimee Belden

San Francisco’s Adam Healton released a wonderfully noisy LP And the Situation at the end of March, and he took a unique approach to creating this LP. “This album was an experiment,” explains Healton. “I got together with a few friends from other bands and had them jam along with me over the course of a week. We took the audio from the tape and I put it onto my iPhone and remixed it and added vocals on GarageBand. It was a tape that became an MP3 that became a tape again.” The end result is a fuzzy, noisy, and clangy haze providing a foundation for sometimes epic vocal melodies. Previously, all Adam Healton shows were improvised (and featured random members of the audience playing onstage), but he has enlisted help from members of Catharsis for Cathedral to recreate songs from And the Situation at upcoming gigs in LA and Sacramento later this month. No Bay Area gigs are on the schedule yet, but you can stream the new record below or purchase it on cassette from Dirty Rabbit Records.