Satellite High

It’s been awhile since we heard anything from SF’s Satellite High (aka Jay Friedman), the self-anointed “Rap Game Bob Pollard” whose prolific 2012 produced eight releases including the stellar Rad Axxion. Now five months since his last release (January’s Trap Keeper EP), he’s back again, dropping a new full-length with the brilliant title The Art of Living Obnoxiously on June 14.

The twenty-track record is classic Satellite High, with old school beats and rhymes spanning more than fifty minutes. And there’s no shortage of Friedman’s usual lyrical wit, as you might expect with songs named “I’m On My Space Shit / Ted Danson”, “I’m The Guy Who Sucks Plus I Got Depression”, and “Sodom & Gomorrah, Jorts & A Fedora”. “Looking sharp, everybody in the club said it. And by the club, I mean the All Fedora Subreddit,” he raps on the latter track, a commentary on both consumerism and modern human digital interactions. There’s lots more where that came from – check out the full album below, and if you’re interested in seeing Satellite High play in your town, all you gotta do is get him there, and he’ll do it for free (seriously).