jess williamson

All the way from Austin, Jess Williamson performed at Sophia’s Thai Kitchen in Davis. Sophia’s quickly became our number one favorite venue (of twelve venues!) at the 3rd annual Davis Music Fest last weekend.

music matt
One for the kiddies: Music Matt and the Whole 9 Yards, at the Davis Art Center.

camila ortiz
Camila Ortiz played outside the Pence Gallery. Covering Bright Eyes and Bon Iver, it is hard to believe her age. Playing her own songs, it is impossible. Look out for Camila Ortiz!

ital souls
NorCal rastaband Ital Souls played Jah’s music at Delta of Venus.

jon langford
Jon Langford (of The Mekons, Waco Brothers, Skull Orchard, The Three Johns, Pine Valley Cosmonauts) brought his signature ramblings and Tom Jones ditties to The Lodge. With any luck, he will return to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in October (as long as he promises to leave the Welsh male choir at home).

sea of bees
Sacramento’s Sea of Bees at the Lodge.

Sacramento’s Zorelli at the Pence Courtyard with special guest baby Jade!

miss lonelyhearts
Miss Lonelyhearts were born in Davis but moved to Santa Cruz. Here they are at the Armadillo Stage.

chuck prophet
Talk to Chuck! San Francisco’s very own Chuck Prophet at the Armadillo Stage.

john vanderslice
Yet another SF hero, John Vanderslice, at the Lodge. John found a very talented guy in the audience and taught him a few songs on the spot including Bowie’s “Sweet Thing” (off 1974’s Diamond Dogs). While John played guitar on stage, this guy played a piano in the far corner by the merch. For the last song, John (possibly fueled by codeine cough syrup) climbed on the merch table and played unplugged. The crowd left with jaws dropped.

extra classic
And one more from SF! Extra Classic at Sophia’s Thai Kitchen drew a huge crowd on the street surrounding the open air stage. The band seemed particularly inspired and were deep in the groove.

yellow jacket motel
Woodland’s Yellow Jacket Motel at Little Prague, our second favorite Davis Music Fest venue (dark Czech lager on tap!?).

rin tin tiger
SF’s Rin Tin Tiger at Little Prague.

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