John Thill

Although Napa resident John Thill has released multiple albums over the past 10 years about subjects such as “girls on meth, the end of the world coming to West Covina, and pornographic voyeurism,” I hadn’t heard of him before stumbling onto his Greatest Hits Volume II LP on Bandcamp. Despite being composed almost entirely of Thill’s voice and an acoustic guitar, Thill changes up the tempo quite a bit, successfully creating folk, punk, and pop melodies, depending on his mood. Through it all, Thill consistently creates vivid, often hilarious pictures with his lyrics. The 18-track album is being co-released on vinyl by Folktale, Shrimper, and Your warmth LBL. I was unable to get the full details, but I can tell you that John Thill is playing at a Berkeley venue called The Hell on June 22.