After two EPs in 2012 and plenty of blog buzz surrounding Shortcircles’ web releases, the Bay Area bummer pop artist is ready to drop his debut LP, Between Waves, on July 2nd via Plug Research. The record is a well-deserved check point for Shortcircles’ name holder Matthew Tammariello. Let’s just say that dream pop is still a relatively unexplored genre, which means: A) it’s not yet been totally exploited by the mainstream, and B) there are plenty of underdeveloped dream pop acts leaking through the genre floodgates. Tammariello is not one of them. He’s allowed Shortcircles to evolve to a mature place before even setting foot into that first full-length. Not a bad look at all.

The album’s first single, “All I Can Be For You” has a dreamy intro with a perfectly timed build up, slowly layering textures. Tammariello coaxes the song through nearly two minutes before bringing in a deeper, mid-tempo drum beat and jazzy guest vocals by Glenn Jackson of James & Evander. “All I Can Be For You” already received some love from tastemaker The Fader, who recently featured the track.

Consensus: this song rules. I couldn’t resist the urge to sit back and let the current of “All I Can Be For You” carry me back to the beginning, again and again. Can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album has in store.