Marine Life

Brand-new San Francisco indie-pop band Marine Life recently released their debut single “Fool of a Kind” as a free download from their Bandcamp page. The track is a laid-back pop arrangement with charming female vocals leading the way. Marine Life is currently working on a debut EP that they hope to release in July, and will play at The Knockout June 22 with the extremely loud DSTVV. At first glance, it seems like kind of a strange bill. Okay, so your first glance is probably accurate, but strange is good, isn’t it? Go check it out and enjoy both ends of the pop spectrum – it isn’t every night that you’ll find a bill where both headbanging and gentle swaying to the music are entirely appropriate. “Fool of a Kind” and show details are below.

DSTVV, Snow Wite, Marine Life
The Knockout
June 22, 2013
9pm, $5