Everyone is Dirty

Remember when we told you about Converse giving away free studio time to emerging Bay Area artists? We’re starting to see more and more new music and videos as a result of that project, including “California”, the latest track from Oakland’s Everyone Is Dirty. So far, I’ve enjoyed everything to come out of Converse’s new takeover of our local scene, and “California” is no exception. (Actually, I take that back – I didn’t like the strange rejection email Converse sent me telling me I would not be able to attend one of their great free shows at Slim’s.) Luckily, Everyone Is Dirty is playing a show at The Night Light in Oakland that I’m sure you will be able to attend as long as you have $7 and a way to get to Jack London Square. That’s less than $2 per band, which isn’t much more than free! All four acts are emerging bands from the East Bay we have written about here at The Bay Bridged, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun if you go. Everyone Is Dirty’s “California” is below, followed by the details on the show.

Everyone Is Dirty, Brasil, Big Long Now, Voyaj
The Night Light
June 22, 2013
9pm, $7