Anya Kvitka

You may read that Anya Kvitka is based in “The San Francisco Bay Area” but we’ll give it to you straight: she’s from San Jose (it’s OK, there’s no shame in that anymore!). Having cut her formidable chops in SJ’s hip-hop and R&B scene, she’s hitting her stride in 2013 and is currently poised to take over the world, starting with San Francisco.

Anya and her band, the Get Down, are more like a loose confederation of musicians than a band, but when they all come together, it’s a beautiful thing. Anya’s intoxicating vocals are moody and modern, but delivered through her anachronistically postwar aesthetic. Layer that over the Get Down’s smooth grooves, and you’ve got something that needs to be seen and heard to be believed. We’ve got some tickets right here.

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Thursday, June 20th
Anya and the Get Down, Jonny Craig, Rebelskamp @ Great American Music Hall
8pm, $13, all ages. Buy advance tickets here.