San Jose’s Antwon has no doubt had a hell of a year, leading to a major festival appearances at FYF Fest in LA, Musicfest NW in Portland, and the Bay’s own Treasure Island Music Festival (props for our friends at Noise Pop for including a local hip-hop act at TIMF two years in a row). Now he’s back with two outstanding collaborations, both released last week.

The first collaboration for Antwon was with his “Nature Boys” collective on the track “Mansions” where DCxDCxDC and Himself the Majestic take turns over yet another outstanding Friendzone beat before Antwon’s booming staccato delivery brings it home.

Just a couple days later, as part of their moderately successful quest to take over the Bay Area music scene, Converse paired Antwon with guitarist Kerry McCoy of Deafheaven for a stripped-down, darker version of the former’s “In Dark Denim”. Deafheaven’s Sunbather LP just received the “Best New Music” stamp of approval from Pitchfork, so it looks like they may be in for a big 2013, as well.