Portland’s dreamy quartet Blouse promised a new album this fall, and in turn has finally released the first single off of said album: “No Shelter.”

The reverb orbiting Charlie Hilton’s ethereal vocals, especially in that opening verse, is reminiscent of the late and great Trish Keenan (Broadcast). It’s utterly surprising, really, how different “No Shelter” is from the sound of Blouse’s dream-pop, feminine and hushed self-titled album debut in 2011. Overall, the track is more driving and raw than synth-heavy and mid-tempo, like a lot of tracks on Blouse. This could bring a truer variety to their live set, should we find out (at Phono Del Sol on July 13) that more of their new music moves in this direction.

Impirium is due out September 17, 2013 on Captured Tracks, and preorders are now available.

Blouse is one of many exciting members of Phono Del Sol 2013’s lineup – get your tickets now!

Blouse - No Shelter