Division of Labor
Bad News
Bad News

The Lab is presenting the Division of Labor Festival 2013 this month, spanning eight nights of experimental music, performance, and art. The alternative festival runs from Thursday, June 13 through Friday, June 28 for three consecutive long weekends.

The festival kicks off next Thursday with the Opening Night Party curated by Sky Madden. The evening will feature a live performance from noise band Bad News and DJ sets from Chasms (Jess Labrador and Sky Madden) and Nihar (Haçeteria), as well as performance art from Amo A Nia and an artist reception for Temporary Services. “Temporary Services: 15 Years of Printed Paper”, is a gallery exhibition of literary works by the collaborative artist collective. Thursday’s Opening Night Party at The Lab is free and open to the public.

Bad News is the SF/LA duo of Alex Lukas and Sarah Bernat, incorporating guitar, synthesizers, drum machines, and female vocals into the industrial noise project. The band is kicking off their summer tour with D.O.L.’s opening event, and ending it with Kim Gordon’s Body/Head in Los Angeles.

The Division of Labor Festival itself is co-curated by Sarah Lockhart, Sky Madden, James Decker, and Theresa Rebecca Lucy Currie. It presents a diverse community of performers in the genres of improvised music, experimental instrumentation and composition, electronic music performance, interdisciplinary performance, literary and media art. Highlight performances from this year’s festival will include Lucky Dragons, Faxed Head, Pharmakon, Malcolm Mooney and the Tenth Planet, Denis Kolokol, and Half of Half.

All events will take place at The Lab, located at 2948 16th Street (at Capp St.) in San Francisco’s Mission District. Purchase advance tickets and festival passes ($20) here. The full Division of Labor Festival 2013 schedule is posted below (or print a pocket-sized schedule), and you can also listen to a full Nihar DJ set (via SoundCloud)

Division of Labor Festival 2013 Schedule:

Thursday, June 13
Division of Labor: Opening Night Party + Artist Reception
artist reception for Temporary Services
Bad News (Chondritic / Sleep Genius)
DJ sets from Nihar (Haçeteria) and Chasms (Jess and Shannon)

Friday, June 14
doors at 9pm, performances at 9:30PM
$7–10 sliding scale
Malcolm Mooney and the Tenth Planet
Fairlight Empress
Allegory Chapel LTD
Ava Mendoza’s Unnatural Ways with special guest, Carla Bozulich
DJs Dominique Leone & Geeta Dayal

Saturday, June 15th
doors at 9pm, performances at 9:30pm
$7–10 sliding scale
Half of Half
Freddy McGuire
Zeek Sheck
DJ That Hideous Strength

Thursday, June 20th
doors at 9pm, performances at 9:30pm
$7–10 sliding scale
Lucky Dragons (LA)
Jeweled Snakes (OAK)
Bulbs (LA)
DJ Joshua Kit Clayton

Friday, June 21st
doors at 9pm, performances at 9:30pm
$7–10 sliding scale
Pharmakon (Sacred Bones, Brooklyn)
O.P.P. (members of Ale Mania & Beaters)
Gerritt Wittmer (Misanthropic Agenda)
DJs Rachel Aiello and Kerri LeBon (Twitch/Red Light)

Saturday, June 22nd
doors at 9pm, performances at 9:30pm
$7–10 sliding scale
Denis Kolokol (Krakow, Poland)
ID M Theft Able (Portland, Maine)
Glochids (Tempe, Arizona)
Christina Stanley
DJ Loachfillet

Sunday, June 23rd
doors at 8pm, performances at 8:30pm
$7–10 sliding scale
Russian Tsarlag (Providence)
Humanbeast (Providence)
DJ Obscuratron

Friday, June 28th
Division of Labor: Closing Night Party
doors at 9pm, performances at 9:30pm
$10–15 sliding scale
Faxed Head (Coalinga)
Jean Street (Detroit)
DJ Different Dentist