Com, Jr.

Oakland duo Com Jr. is yet another fine male/female duo that has come to our attention this year, following the likes of Eric and Erica and David & Joanna. Com Jr. is Graham LeBron and Shanna Mahan, who recently moved back to the Bay Area after some time in Alabama and Nashville. LeBron was in Rogue Wave for six years before touring with The Album Leaf and Port O’Brien for another two years. He says he just got burnt out and asked Mahan to live with him in a family cabin in Alabama and start a band. The duo released material as Get Better in Nashville, before coming back to the Bay and starting fresh under their new moniker.

Their debut EP as Com Jr., Reorder, manages to combine electronic beats and synths with banjo, acoustic and slide guitar, and make it sound completely natural. The duo shares vocal duties on each song, and Mahan’s voice is especially strong. My favorite track is “Lunchtime”, which is below. Reorder is available as a cassette or download on their Bandcamp page.