We told you about Makeunder’s Radiate, Satellite EP back in March, and the experimental pop group just released an excellent video of a live performance of “To the Ladder”. The EP was recorded entirely by singer Hamilton Ulmer, so it’s impressive to see how well his precise, technical material translates into a live setting. Ulmer tells me Makeunder hasn’t been performing live much lately, as they’ve been concentrating on recording their Dirt Flooding the Streets LP, although they will perform live July 24 at a “secret location” in the Mission. “We’ll be premiering a lot of new material, adding some horns and strings, and most of the percussion will be dining-room-table-based,” says Ulmer. The video for “To the Ladder” is below.

Makeunder, This Can’t End Well
Secret location in the Mission (check Makeunder’s Facebook for details)
July 24, 2013
8:30pm, TBA