Sea Lioness

The birth of a unique new SF band was quietly announced on Facebook last week. Sea Lioness, a quintet featuring Travis Woodland and Steven Medd of Cannons and Clouds, was introduced along with the video for their first public release “Elmira” in a post on the latter band’s FB page. Rounded out by Jeremiah Lowe, Scott Smit, and Dashiell Worfolk, Sea Lioness sounds little like “Frisco sludge folk” act Cannons and Clouds, who stated they were “very proud…and intrigued.” “Elmira” centers around Woodland’s soaring voice and piano, a few moments of beautiful vocal harmony, and some playful djembe work by Medd and Lowe, as the band jams in an emptied out living room complete with a sick ’70s stone fireplace. Watch the video for “Elmira” and get details on Sea Lioness’ live debut at Bottom of the Hill on June 18 below.

Sea Lioness, DonCat, Tendrils, Brooke D.
Bottom of the Hill
June 18, 2013
9pm, $8