Burnt Ones

Psych-pop trio Burnt Ones have released their latest record, You’ll Never Walk Alone, and it’s now available to stream on their Bandcamp page. The album offers up 11 tracks of psychedelic bubblegum pop, chewed up with some distorted guitars, then made sticky and rolled around in some San Francisco grit.

In an interview earlier this year, front man Mark Tester admitted to using “virtually every instrument and sound at our immediate disposal to record

[the album], without much consideration going in to how we would play any of the songs live,” so listen in for the layers of sounds emerging on You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Since the trio are embarking on a full US tour, beginning on June 11th at The Eagle, we also have the opportunity to hear how the band translates that bundle of instruments into a complete live show.

Burnt Ones also released a new video for “Web”, one of the first singles from the new album. Fans of throwback music methods (vinyl, analog recording, etc.) will appreciate that “Web” is shot entirely on a VHS camera, slowing backing up as the band plays surrounded by the surreal grunge-glam of neon glow in a hall of mirrors.

Burnt Ones, Sonny & The Sunsets, Cool Ghouls
The Eagle
June 11th, 2013