emilys army

Emily’s Army began submitting recordings to 1-2-3-4 Go! about four years ago, when most members were 13. I could have fathered them. It helped that the guy to my right could be their grandfather (and he was sporting a dog collar). It’s a little uncomfortable how great they are. It is frightening to think what they could be doing in a few years. My only fatherly advice: notch down the Green Day, study Sandinista, and stay away from my daughters. Check them out June 8th at Oakland’s Uptown with Meat Market! Get their record Lost at Seventeen as soon as it is released on June 11th.


Kepi Ghoulie formed the Groovie Ghoulies in 1983 in Sacramento. Although they disbanded in 2007, Kepi continues to churn out solo records and scary-beautiful artwork. For the Go! Go!, Kepi teamed up with Portland’s Mean Jeans (who played the following night) to play all the Groovie Ghoulies’ hits. Paradise. Kepi kicks off a huge tour in June. Send him off in style at Luigi’s Fungarden in Sac on June 6th.

ghoulie jump
ghoulish jump

mean jean

shoulder art
The tattooed shoulder in front of me seemed to read “Do we even know how to live?” There looked to be more to the beginning of the sentence but it wrapped around to her chest and I didn’t want to be arrested.

toys that kill

Hailing from San Pedro (Land of The Minutemen), Toys That Kill, simply killed it.

dead to me

SF’s Dead to Me formed in 2003, and have a seriously devoted following. The stage was packed with fans by the end of their powerful set.


Fans of the dearly departed Uzi Rash will be very fond of The Trashies. Max’s face completely wrapped in packing tape, he punished the keyboard set atop a trash can. The band, I’m told, has members of TacocaT and Unnatural Helpers. Listen to the debut LP, Teenage Rattlesnakes now!

max trashie

he who must not be named

blag dahlia
Blag Dahlia

I first experienced The Dwarves when they were The Suburban Nightmare. They played our high school’s ‘Focus on the Arts’ in 1985. I have never been the same. The Dwarves win top honors for best record covers, most songs about fucking and deadliest slam pit.


twin steps

Despite The Dwarves insistence on Blood, Guts & Pussy, it was only Twin Steps that were gifted panties.

peach kelli nobunny

Of all the mix matching that went down, least expected was the duet of “Under the Bamboo Tree” with Peach Kelli Pop and Nobunny. Lyrics forever seared in my brain from watching The Jerk too many times: “If you like-a me, like I like-a you and we like-a both the same, I like-a say this very day, I like-a change your name.” Nobunny went on to play 2011’s Raw Romance in its entirety.

peach kelli pop

With Fuzz, Shannon and Hunx still on deck, I crawled home after this Peach Kelli Pop moment. Three nights in a row ain’t to be taken lightly. For this tour Ms. Pop was joined by the great Guantanamo Baywatch drummer, Christopher Michael. He has quickly become my favorite drummer and can surely teach a thing or two to Ty Segall and Keith Moon.

There is ONE LAST CHANCE to rock the GO GO! Get ye’ to The New Parish this Wednesday, May 22nd for El Vez’s Punk Rock Revue with King Lollipop, Sharp Objects and the Schizophrenics!!!!!!!!!!