Date Palms by Vicky Fong

Mixtape: San Francisco’s Newest Psychedelic Sounds (Podcast #306)

It’s almost 18 months since we last did a psych-focused mixtape, which means there’s quite a bit to catch up on. The Bay continues to be a vital source for top-notch mind-expanding bands, whether it’s the heady drones of Carlton Melton and Date Palms, or the swaggering rock of Glitter Wizard and Coo Coo Birds.

Several of the groups included here have new records either out now or coming out soon. Prolific instrumental duo Barn Owl just released its fifth album, V, on Thrill Jockey; meanwhile, cosmic rock group Lumerians is serving up The High Frontier later this year. While we’ve been following some of these bands for years, it’s exciting that they’re joined here by a number of newer arrivals, like Fuzz (a heavy rock project from Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart), Group Rhoda‘s experimental synth songs, and electrified jams from Golden Void and Life Coach (both of which feature the guitar work of Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless).

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Track Listing:

Fuzz – “This Time I Got A Reason”
Date Palms – “Yuba Reprise”
Group Rhoda – “Fire”
Lumerians – “Tawazula”
Glitter Wizard – “Motorider”
Carlton Melton – “Space Treader”
Disappearing People – “1”
Electric Shepherd – “Imitation Gardens (pt. 1)”
Golden Void – “Virtue”
Barn Owl – “The Long Shadow”
Coo Coo Birds – “Dealerman”
Life Coach – “Fireball”