save the amanda

Amanda McCabe is a big music fan. In fact, she’s more than a fan – she interned at Sub Pop Records, was a VP at Buried Treasure Records, and created album artwork for  Birds & Batteries, Garrett Pierce, and David Dondero.

So when she came down with a rare form of scoliosis, the musicians she has worked with over the years decided they had to help. And thus was born the Save The Amanda! compilations: 40 tracks by some of the best bands from the Bay Area and beyond, including Tartufi, Radiation City, Mike Sempert (of Birds & Batteries), John Vanderslice, Future Twin, and many more.    

Amanda is about to begin a new course of treatment at the Mayo Clinic Spine Center in Florida, and 100 percent of the proceeds from these comps will be going to help her cover the cost. So this is a win/win/win: Amanda gets help with her medical expenses, the bands get their new, unreleased, or live tracks out there, and you get 40 killer tunes for just $10 for each volume (or more, if you’re feeling generous).

Steam and buy the Save The Amanda! comps right here: