the blank tapes at the chapel - photo by lauren espina

Last night, Allah-Las and The Blank Tapes rocked The Chapel. Read our review below!

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Allah-Las with The Blank Tapes at The Chapel

So much rock and roll.

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The Blank Tapes are happy to be home @thebaybridged #thechapellaurenespina
Matt Adams and his bandmates kept saying how good it feels to be back in California. It’s good to have them back! Their warm melodies and overall sun-kissed vibrations, particularly on tunes like “Vacation” and “Beach Party,” melted the entire venue.
The Blank Tapes are hosting a beach party at the Chapel right now!! #theblanktapes #thechapelLauren Espina
Drummer Pearl Charles came prepared with flowers in her hair.
Guitars are the best #theblanktapes #thechapellaurenespina
After The Blank Tapes finished their all too-short set, Allah-Las took it away with “Don’t You Forget It.”
! @allahlas are bringing this place downnnn. The acoustic-electric guitar combo is killer.Lauren Espina
ALLAH-LAS, moving everyone in this joint @thebaybridgedlaurenespina
Miles Michaud picked up the tambourine and gave it a proper beating for “Long Journey.” (Shortly after this photo was taken, a crowd member handed the band a bottle of Seagrams whiskey, and the lovely staff at The Chapel let it happen. My kind of guys.)
My first adventure at The Chapel was a success. 6$ cocktails, awesome sound, I love the Allah-Laslaurenespina
A huge thanks to The Blank Tapes for inviting me to this show!! So much rock and roll tonight. @thebaybridged Espina