uv race 4

Melbourne’s UV Race passed through town this week, playing the Rickshaw on Sunday and 1-2-3-4 Go! on Monday. It’s their first US tour since 2010 and it’s a doozy of a tour. Portland with the great Eat Skull, the East Coast and on to Chaos in Tejas (May 30-Jun 2) with The Damned and The Bats. At some point, the band will morph into side project Total Control. Incredibly, the tour terminates at the Uptown in Oakland on June 9th.

uv race2

And they aren’t fucking around either, or maybe they are — it’s hard to tell. They dragged a six-piece band all the way from Australia, including this blue-blond sax/harmonica/guitar/vocal maestro. The keyboards were also essential. Many songs were sung with three or four voices overlapping in a spectacular contest of who gives a shit.

uv race 3

The lead guitar was sponsored by Danelectro, and the full demonstration of its effects should earn him tons more free gear. The band played a single encore to the packed lil’ record store, “Acid Trip,” from the brand new 7″ (with “Speed Freak” on the flip side). If you need more from the red hot Aussie music scene do check out last year’s great comp, New Center of the Universe vol. 1, on Anti Fade Records.

uv race

UV Race is everything you want, a lazier Buzzcocks perhaps. In 2012, they starred in the first feature film by Melbourne artist Johann Rashid, AUTONOMY AND DELIBERATION. Call your local theater, tell them you are sick of all the trash they offer and demand they show it. In the meantime, check it out here:

AUTONOMY AND DELIBERATION Official Trailer from Johann Rashid on Vimeo.