Creative Adult

The paths of “life after hardcore” bands have been known to go all ways, and Creative Adult is one of those bands taking a pretty interesting stylistic route. Cut from the same fabric as the once hardcore, continually slowing Ceremony, the four members of Creative Adult find themselves together after being in other former hardcore bands, honing in on a sound that combines both the elements of past and future hardcore punk. Their first 7-inch Dead Air played out the slowed down, fuzzed out, but still kicking post-punk vibe, whereas their new EP Bulls in the Yard takes on a Bauhaus-inspired dark wave angle (especially its title track).

The band has seen some considerable recognition so far for the EP, and recently premiered “Tabloid” on Brooklyn Vegan. They will celebrate the new EP with a record release show this Saturday at Thee Parkside with Reno’s Spitting Image, The Videos (a sideproject of members in Ceremony), and Know Secrets (who are playing their first show, with Punch‘s frontwoman Meghan O’Neil on bass).

CREATIVE ADULT – DEAD AIR from Evan Henkel on Vimeo.

The a “pre-release” version of the Bulls in the Yard 7″ should be available this Saturday at Creative Adult’s record release show at Thee Parkside, otherwise preorders can be picked up on Run For Cover Records, shipping May 14th.

Bulls in the Yard

Creative Adult, Spitting Image, The Videos, Know Secrets
Thee Parkside
May 4, 2013
9:00pm, $8