Out of the Hollywood hills comes much-talked about Bleached. Toting a sunny beach-ed out sound that has all the jean-jackets-and-Converse cool of classic rock sewn in, L.A. sisters Jennifer and Jessie Calvin have been gaining steady momentum. Their debut album, Ride Your Heart, was released earlier this month and the ladies have been touring the U.S. and Canada ever since. Their penultimate show of the tour happens at The Independent on May 5.

While most of Ride Your Heart is many parts devil-may-care, their new single “Dead in Your Head” offers more depth. The catchy song lyrically dives into longing and dragging thoughts. The late 70’s punk vibe this track boasts can be attributed to the Calvin sisters sneaking into punk shows in Hollywood underage, and the jangly chant and singalong chorus that conclude the track make it a perfectly catchy single. Listen below.

Bleached, Ex-Cops, Cocktails
The Independent
May 5, 2013
8pm, $14