Charles Mootheart
Charles Moothart

I can’t seem to stop writing about Ty Segall’s new project Fuzz these days, whether it’s discussing their first release, reviewing their Noise Pop gig at The Knockout, posting an Al Lover remix, or writing about their second 7-inch, dropped just a couple weeks ago on L.A.’s In The Red Records. Well, it looks like I can’t get too much of a good thing, because I’ve got another beauty for you – Segall and bandmates Charles Moothart and Roland Cosio are back with video for the b-side off that first 7-inch, “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream”.

The black and white video follows the trio on their van trip south out of L.A. to the Observatory in sunny Orange Country for Burgerama II back in March. The music doesn’t kick in until almost two minutes into the track, but when it does, it hits with all the Vol. 4-era Sabbath beauty you can imagine. Cosio’s thunderous bassline, Moothart’s ripping guitar work, and Segall’s energetic drumming and demonic, Ozzy-esque voice meld perfectly without getting too lost in distortion and other effects, and watching the band members interact during the track with smiles on their faces reveals the genuine enjoyment they’re getting out of their new project. Check out the video for “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream”, below.