Window Twins - 'Wish'

Exray’s Jon Bernson and The Fresh & Only’s Tim Cohen “got the band back together” last year to release Window Twins‘ second LP, Wish. The album was first made available by the cassette label Crash Symbols, which has since sold out. Southern California’s Volar Records released a limited run of colored vinyl this month, for sale in their online store.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Window Twins – ‘Other Worlds (Uptown Sinclair’s TripWave ReMelt)'” dl=”0″]  
In celebration of the vinyl production, we have a Window Twins remix to premiere! The Wish track “Others” received an industrial uplift by Uptown Sinclair — aka Isaac Edwards of Odawas.

Wish continues down the dark, echo-y chambers of experimental, lo-fi folk Bernson and Cohen together explore in their collaboration. Having moments of pure deconstruction, reverby tangents, and even breaking out into somewhat jazzy percussion, the album is a trip, for sure. It is the follow-up to Window Twins’ debut LP I’m This Tall City, which was released in 2009 on Howells Transmitter.