David and Joanna

San Francisco’s David Enos and Joanna Lioce, aka David & Joanna, met at a karaoke party on Valentine’s Day nine years ago, and have been making music together ever since. They recently began sharing tracks from their forthcoming album Cool Parents on their Bandcamp page, and all the songs released so far are duets, with both David and Joanna showing off their strong and distinct voices that sound great by themselves or when they harmonize, which they do quite often. Their music sounds like it was heavily influenced by country, with just an occasional twangy guitar, keyboard, or snare drum adding subtle layers to their simple acoustic guitar foundation. Cool Parents is fantastic campfire music, and you can listen to it below. David & Joanna will play the Vortex Room this Saturday, April 27.

The Greg Ashley Band, Michelle Vidal, David and Joanna
The Vortex Room
April 27, 2013
8pm, $10