The Mallard photo by Marcus Alcino

In a place as musically dense as San Francisco, bands come and go every single week. There are so many in fact, that its often hard to keep up with who is and isn’t still making music. But when a band like The Mallard calls it a day, after having captivated a national audience over the last two years with its erratic, psychedelic garage music, people take notice.

Following their South by Southwest run, a string of cancelled shows and a hiatus announcement, front woman Greer McGettrick revealed that The Mallard is disbanding for good and will have played their final shows by the end of the month. Run down by life on the road and unexcited by not only her band’s music but music in general, even prior to all the SXSW madness, she pulled the plug on the project early last week, admitting to SF Weekly that “It was ending whether I wanted it to or not.”

The Mallard still has plans to release a sophomore album, Finding Meaning in Deference, and an accompanying music video later this year, but the band won’t support the record with any shows. So this isn’t quite the last we’ve heard from the four-piece band, but since their restless energy is most palpable in a live setting, The Mallard’s final show this Thursday, April 18th at The Knockout, is all but mandatory. Help us bid farewell to one of the most restless, perverse, petulant and, quite honestly, raddest post punk outfits San Francisco has seen in years.

The Mallard, Pure Bliss, Synthetic ID, Lenz
The Knockout
April 18, 2013
9:30 pm, $7