Comfort Slacks

Probably the worst part about being in a band is the world of PR. You spend all sorts of money and time recording your art just so it can sit in the inbox of some dumb blogger or club booker. Perhaps you write up a nifty bio that compares yourself to other artists you hope the dumb blogger will like too, and hopefully you never make an appearance on Folder Rock. Not only is it difficult to stand out in the sea of all-too-easy-to-share flood of music, being too boastful or outlandish could just as easily turn someone off as a boring submission would.

Well, Napa duo Comfort Slacks put A LOT of effort into spreading the word about their band. They sent out a personalized, handwritten note to our offices along with a toy microphone that could be used to create a karaoke video for their song “Coffee”. A portion of their website is dedicated to their “Coffee Karaoke Campaign” and has received over 25 versions from their fans. Of course, all of this work would have been for naught if the music sucked. Luckily, the indie pop Comfort Slacks makes is quirky and fun, which their PR campaign highlighted better than any audacious press release possibly could have. The video for “Coffee” and a shot of their PR package are below.

Comfort Slacks PR