Christian Rawk

Chrystian Rawk – the “I’m not sure what exactly is going on but I like it” band fronted by Christian Carpenter – released their final single and video, “Famous”, last week. Carpenter, who has played with Eight Belles, Anna Ash, and The Lawlands, says “Famous” is “a Satirical-Satan-Pop guide to celebrity success is in the style of comedy-pop and addresses the various Illuminati conspiracies and Soul selling myths increasingly popular in explaining the symbology and success stories of contemporary and perennial pop culture figures.”

The video stars Carpenter along with LA’s Joey Dosik and New York’s Theo Katzman, who produced the track, and was edited by none other than Christine Hucal, who I’ve mentioned a lot lately even though she’s no longer in the Bay Area. On top of that, Ben Smith, who directed the great Astronauts, etc. videos, added the sing-a-long graphics that bring it all together. Watch, listen, and download below.