Eric and Erica

Oakland’s Eric and Erica, who released their debut self-titled EP last month at an Easter brunch party of all places, began as a collection of bedroom pop demos by Erica Fink. Video maker Christine Hucal, who seems to be involved with everything in the East Bay music scene these days, introduced Fink to Eric Kuhn, the drummer for Silian Rail who has also appeared on a number of other projects.

Kuhn tells me he was “consistently blown away by her music, and would walk around listening to songs on repeat, daydreaming arrangements for them, and imagining how great it’d be to work with her. Dreams come true!” The duo is now a couple, and aren’t they adorable!?! Their music is adorable too, with Fink’s strong voice layered in harmonies, and a bit of electric beats and harpsichord thrown in to make sweet, emotional pop – great for snuggling with your special someone. Is snuggle rock a thing yet? If it is, these two should make it a thing and dominate the field. Eric and Erica just did a mini tour down to LA and back, and will play A Fair to Remember in North Beach on May 12, followed by a headlining gig at Viracocha on June 1. The EP and show details are below.

Eric and Erica (+ more TBA)
A Fair to Remember
May 12, 2013

Eric and Erica, Sandy’s Waste Band, Ryan Parks
Secret show in SF (email for details)
June 1, 2013
8:30pm, Admission TBA