San Francisco’s own Edmund Xavier (aka Glenn Donaldson of Art Museums and The Skygreen Leopards) is back in the game with a new FWY! offering. Any Exit is the newest cassette and MP3 release put out by local label Moon Glyph.

FWY!’s sound artfully presents a minimalist landscape, and the lyric-less album drips with an easy ambience that Moon Glyph describes as “slowmo.” The sounds and beats don’t move quickly but they aren’t snail-paced either; it’s as if you’re listening to this eight-track release submerged completely underwater.

Any Exit is defined by lightly mixed synths and symbiotic melodies, and the completeness of this album is evident in the way the tracks almost tell a complete story. In other words, play these songs in order (which is strong statement coming from an avid “shuffle”-er).

Check out the eponymous track “Any Exit (Anywhere)” by FWY! below.