Fans of downbeat, synth-heavy artists and free shows, rejoice! Mister Lies and XXYYXX will be playing for free at UC Berkeley this Friday. Chicago’s Mister Lies (aka Nick Zanca) is currently on tour promoting his latest release, Mowgli, while Florida’s XXYYXX is promoting his self-titled album. Both bands will be playing outdoors in the courtyard area of Berkeley’s campus known as Upper Sproul. This should be an interesting experience to listen to introverted, sleepy synth beats in such an open and airy environment.

Superb Productions has been stepping their game up this spring by booking bigger names to play on campus for free. A few weeks ago, King Tuff and White Fence played at Upper Sproul to a pretty decent turnout of students and non-students alike. Finding decent, free shows is a rare entity in our fair city and seeing these two artists is something that should not be missed–even if you have be on BART for more than 20 minutes.

Mister Lies, XXYYXX
Upper Sproul, University of California at Berkeley’s Campus
April 12, 2013
8pm, Free