Palma Violets

It would be hard for me to lie and hide my excitement about Palma Violets. Their first single “Best of Friends” off of 180 came out of nowhere late last year — a stomping, energetic party of a song from four London 20-year-olds. I couldn’t help but be completely taken with their earnest sound and freshness. Palma Violets are filling that post-Libertines void in Brit rock, morphing 1960’s garage rock into a very British sound. The band formed in 2011 and thanks to house shows that were spread by word-of-mouth, and a wild energy that overtook their short but punchy sets, they are already making huge moves in the U.K. After a handful of U.S. dates earlier this year, the band is set to come back stateside and play The Independent on April 23rd, 2013. Their San Francisco date comes right after two weekends at Coachella, where they are set to play on the same night(s) as more experienced bands and fellow countrymen The Stone Roses and Blur.

YoursTruly recently put together a video of the band and their first touchdown to the U.S. where they played a raucous show in Brooklyn. Members Will Doyle, Sam Fryer, Chili Jesson, and Pete Mayhew are fresh-faced and unembarrassed to list their fears in wanting to take on the challenge that is playing shows in America for a foreign band. The four minute video also features a look at their riotous shows complete with bleeding-heart fanboys singing along to every word — which I may or may not turn into when I catch them at The Independent.

Also check out the official video for “Best of Friends” below!

Palma Violets
The Independent
April 23, 2013
$15, 8pm