Blasted Canyons at The Bay Brewed 2012- photo by Paige Parsons

This arrived with five minutes left on April 1, so I initially hoped it was a late-breaking entry in the April Fools arena. Sadly, the band’s Facebook post that same day (“BLASTED CANYONS: 2010-2013 R.I.P. (sorry)”), which has since become a place for fans to express their disappointment, confirmed that the group is indeed calling it quits.

Blasted Canyons – “Holy Geometry”

Which is a real bummer. 2nd Place was one of last year’s highlights, with “Holy Geometry” the rare anthem with truly endless replay value. The EP felt somehow gloomier and poppier than the band’s blown-out debut, #1, and it was exciting to hear that the group was working on new material earlier this year. Live, the band delivered a unique brand of electric mayhem, maintaining momentum even as the members switched instruments between songs.

All of that, however, now appears to have come to an end.