James Riotto

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard the work of James Riotto even if you don’t recognize his name right away. He sang and played bass for The Moanin Dove, has played standup bass in the studio and on tour with John Vanderslice, and as an engineer at Tiny Telephone studios, he has worked with Thao and Mirah, Kacey Johansing, Guy Fox, Geographer, DRMS, and many more. He is now releasing a solo EP entitled End of the World.

Riotto says he began recording the EP without any intention of ever releasing it to the public. “I was also going through a period of personal turmoil as I struggled to make sense of a complicated relationship,” explains Riotto. “I was making the music because I wanted to, because the ideas were there, and because it was an emotional release for me. The more time I spent on it, though, the more I became excited at the idea of getting it out into the world. By the time I finished mixing, I was sure it was some of my best work, and I realized it was silly to keep it to myself.”

It’s a good thing Riotto decided to share End of the World. So far, he has released two songs from the EP on his Bandcamp page, and both are experimental pop at its best. Riotto has assembled a band that will perform songs from the EP at Bottom of the Hill on April 27, along with DRMS and Bells Atlas. Listen to “Slow Down” below.

DRMS, James Riotto, Bells Atlas
Bottom of the Hill
April 27, 2013
9:30pm, $10