Commune Wednesdays

One of the things I envied about San Diego, second only to the fact that it has warm beaches and better Mexican food than Taqueria Cancun, is the Southern California city’s monthly gatherings known as Commune Wednesdays. On the last Wednesday of every month, local bands, DJs, artists and designers come together for a free event that supports and promotes San Diego’s burgeoning art scene and the local community. Commune has finally found its way up to San Francisco, giving us another reason to celebrate creative energy and rally behind a worth-while cause.

With an overarching mission to take a stand against big corporations, like music moguls and particularly big tobacco, Commune is much more than our new favorite party host. While supporting local artists, it rejects the presence of tobacco industries in creative scenes and is dedicated to spreading awareness of the effects that big tobacco business practices have on the rest of the world. Commune representative Amy Holt, who recently moved up the coast from San Diego to San Francisco, recently shared with me the details of Commune’s anti-Big Industry stance:

Commune is funded through an anti tobacco grant, but is no way against the smoker. Instead we want to bring awareness of things that Big Tobacco does or contributes to that people may not otherwise support in their every day life, but do so indirectly by buying and/or smoking cigarettes. Things like animal cruelty, deforestation and world hunger and we think the best was to do this is through art.

Whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker, it’s difficult to argue with this statement on Commune’s official website:

The tobacco industry’s pervasive marketing in our scene has manufactured an image that people like us smoke. So now young people that look up to us believe that smoking is more important than creativity, music and self-expression to fit in. We’re out to change this distorted image of the scene.

This awesome cause has found a second home in San Francisco, so mark your calendars! Commune will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at a different location in the Mission, at starting April 3rd at Elbo Room. Featuring performances by CreepersMeat MarketDJ Primo and the Popgang DJs, as well as art by Roy G. Biv, the event is free (!!!) so there are no excuses for missing out on the beginning of a new tradition. What makes Commune so powerful is its support from the community, so anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved, whether that means showing up every Wednesday or sharing your art. I hope to see everyone there. Join the Commune!

Keep an eye on Commune’s facebook page to find out where the next event will be held, learn more about featured artists, and to check out photos of previous events, which will taken by San Francisco’s own Harland Spinks. Want to get involved? If you want to play a set or promote your art at a Commune Wednesday, contact Amy at and she will be more than happy to work you into the mix.

Commune Wednesdays
Elbo Room
April 3, 2013
9pm, FREE