Falsetto-ed beat wizard Will Wiesenfeld, better known as Baths, has announced a summer tour following the release of his sophomore LP, Obsidian. The L.A.-based Baths will be performing at the Great American Music Hall on June 29 with support from Houses (Chicago) and D33J. Obsidian, the highly anticipated follow-up to his acclaimed 2010 debut Cerulean, is due May 28 on Anticon. Baths will also support The Postal Service on four dates in April before embarking on a headlining tour through the U.S. and Canada beginning in late May.

As hinted by the album’s title, Obsidian finds Baths employing a darker tone. “I’ve always been inspired by really dark material and from the beginning I knew I wanted the songs to be much darker, both musically and lyrically,” Baths says. The beats are still light and airy, but the lyrics and album titles paint a bleaker picture. Listen to the insanely catchy new single “Miasma Sky” (below), where Baths draws inspiration from the black plague of the Dark Ages.

“The songs and lyrics all came out of a pretty fucked and arduous process of trial and error,” Baths says. “But I hope people understand that I’m not the depressed, suicidal, and death-obsessed person the record may paint me as being. These are just darker areas that I wanted to explore.”

Wiesenfeld, known for smiling throughout his live performances, makes his artistic intentions clear to his fans. His live set should be no less danceable, despite his deeper lyrics.

“Anything I found that felt like a unique vision of darker emotions or atmospheres, I tried to absorb,” Baths says. “Being a positive and outgoing guy made it that much more difficult getting into that mindset. It was a matter of tapping into that and returning with songs that felt genuine and somehow from my own personal experience.”

Baths, Houses, D33J
Great American Music Hall
June 29, 2013
9pm, $16