kusf benefit 1 - todd wanerman

For many, KUSF – one of only two decent SF independent radio stations alongside KPOO – disappeared overnight, leaving a dull, queasy unease about the subpar state of broadcast music in our culturally fertile hometown.

But, as with all things community here in SF, KUSF did not go quietly. They have been delivering the same program quality online (may we recommend our favorite show evah evah, “Off the Hook,” Mondays noon-3pm?) and mounting a legal challenge to USF’s sale of the 90.3 bandwidth to a classical station. (Listen to shows, get caught up and find out how you can help at savekusf.org).

kusf benefit 3 - todd wanerman

To that end, they have been putting on some impeccably curated benefit shows, such as Friday’s Blowout Benefit at The Lab, featuring live bands and some of the station’s ace DJs.

kusf benefit 2 - todd wanerman

Disppearing People - Todd Wanerman

Disappearing People offered a drum-heavy and garage-flavored version of the night’s musical motif – drones and guitar textures over composition. They energized the assembled with a solid undertone of blues and western-inspired guitar and persistent rhythm.

Carlton Melton 1 - Todd Wanerman

Carlton Melton, from up the coast, continued in a more textural, downtempo vein that called up memories of La Monte Young, Spacemen 3 and many in between.

Carlton Melton 2 - todd wanerman

The two acts locked together to create a night both entertaning and intriguing. You wouldn’t expect anything less from KUSF’s brain trust. Check out upcoming benefit events at Save KUSF’s events page. KUSF is still rocking your world, y’all!