las ardillas
Las Ardillas, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sponsored by PBR now in 24oz. alcoholic size, sold out of pink vinyl before I could reach for the cash. Twitchy, spitty, garage greatness.

Ladies and Gentlemen: SXSW sweethearts Hellshovel with members from Berlin and a brand new record on Slovenly.

acid baby jesus
Dark psychedelic magic: Acid Baby Jesus from Athens, Greece. Bone necklace not for sale. These guys teamed up with Hellshovel to create the mysterious Voyager 8. This record also on Slovenly.

los vigillantes
Los Vigilantes seem to be everywhere you find Las Ardillas. They also hail from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It seemed the blood was going to fill this guy’s head so completely that his neck veins would blow and we would all be covered in Vigilante blood. Despite this, for only a brief moment, I was on a warm island with cold beer, ears ringing, and so happy.

Our very own Ty Segall with Fuzz. Six years since his last Stork appearance. Perhaps the wildest rock drummer since Keith Moon.

The show drew quite the Wednesday night audience including Thee Oh Sees, Shannon and a Clam, a Rock n’ Roll Adventure Kid, Amy of Thee Angriest Generation, at least two Dukes of Hamburg, and Courtney of the Crushers. Follow their trail south! Many will appear in Burbank 3/29-31 for the REAL BOSS HOSS. You got other plans for Easter?

Still with me? Reap your rewards: check out Slovenly Records for a free download mix.