Eight Belles
Video still from Christine Hucal

Eight Belles is technically playing their video premiere show tomorrow at Amnesia, but they were nice enough to let us share it with you now. The video, which was directed by former Bay Area resident Christine Hucal, was extra special for singer Jessi Phillips, as it was filmed mostly on her family farm near Kalamazoo, MI. Phillips tells me the video “includes the horse I’ve owned since I was 13, and shots of the abandoned church I used to smoke cigarettes in when I was 14.” Director Hucal now lives in Detroit, but has directed videos for Naytronix, Ash Reiter, Anna Ash, and many other local artists. Like the song, the video is beautiful with a bit of a dark side, and Phillips said the song actually “takes place” on the farm where the video was shot. “I sort of picture my mom on that very porch with a gun and a cigarette, wearing a nightgown, ready to sock it to some cad who’s wronged me.”

Check out the video below, and catch Eight Belles in person tomorrow night at Amnesia.

B. Hamilton, Eight Belles (Tour Kick-off & Video Release), Joel Robinow
March 29, 2013
9pm, $7-10