Blood Sister

Get ready for a double dose of fuzzed-out trash pop from a brand new San Francisco pairing. Rising from the ashes of the short-lived Brooklyn band Night Manager, San Francisco native Ezana Edwards picks up his guitar to join Ryan Grubbs and Kyle Hoover of local pysch-pop outfit Ganglians in forming a brand new project called Blood Sister.

Drawing from the lo-fi guitar pop sounds of Night Manager and Ganglians, Blood Sister employs a grainy, horror movie themed aesthetic on its Tumblr page and in the videos for the band’s debut singles. The video for lead single “Why Would You” (above) debuted on Pitchfork earlier this month and presents a NSFW montage of clips from German cult film Der Fan (1982). The video for “Bart Simpson” (below) borrows footage from the iconic Friday the 13th slasher series. The pair of tracks make up the digital EP titled with the symbol , available for free download on Bandcamp.

Beneath the heavy clouds of distortion and reverb lurk two very catchy pop songs, with dual vocals cutting through the noise like dull fangs struggling to pierce the jugular. The effect is subtle, yet mesmerizing, leaving us thirsty for a vinyl release. No word on any live gigs yet, but rest assured we will keep our eyes popping out of their sockets for any updates…or you could just follow Blood Sister on Twitter.